Ran Kirlian – Stillness

Ran Kirlian StillnessTogether with Ethernautica, Ran Kirlian also released another album in New Year’s Eve entitled Stillness. It is a deep and dark soundworld album formed by three long-form pieces where slow evolving passages flow to conform intense textures.

This is what Kirlian has to say about this album:

«Stillness proposes an isolated and timeless sonic universe that combines and contrasts static and dynamism trying to cause the listener to feel expelled from that world full of sounds, noises and rhythms resulting from the daily reality in which we live. In Stillness you can find slow sequences and melodies that flow and evolve over even slower structures on mostly static drones. This made me feel that the sound world I was creating was expanding again and again, to fill everything.

This album suggests an alternative approach to the classic concept of environmental drones as I have been developing so far. For the recording and composition process of this album, I have applied patterns similar to those used in works such as Ethernautica.»

Stillness is available digital download format in 24-bit depth sound quality at Bandcamp: https://rankirlian.bandcamp.com/album/stillness

Ran Kirlian – Ethernautica IV

Ran Kirlian Ethernautica IVRan Kirlian just released Ethernautica IV, his fourth episode in his series of raw large format dronescapes. This is what he says about this release:

«As every year, since I’ve started this personal tradition three years back, a new Ethernautica album has been release, just on New Year’s Eve.

This volume, the fourth instance in the series, is again a single long format piece that presents an evolving soundworld full of little details. Recorded in a single take as usual, this track was originally created as an inspirational source for my own as well as for meditative purposes. This piece may sound a bit raw and unpredictible, which is part of the spirit of this recording series.»

You can download now Ethernautica IV free or naming your price at Bandcamp.

Ran Kirlian – The Woomh files video mix

The latest Ran Kirlian album, The Woomh Files, is a collection of music recorded from 2009 to 2019 previously released as mini-albums on the Altera Orbe record label under the Woomh series.

Ran Kirlian also recorded a little video collecting excepts of the tracks included in the album «having each one its own visual space, mostly based on their cover artworks«.

Video editior: Sony Vegas
Particulas effect created by Alexander Demyanov on http://vegasaur.com
Artwork and video footage by Ran Kirlian
All music composed, recorded and produced by Ran Kirlian between 2009 and 2019

Mindglide Bandcamp website

Present Absence Our estimated artist Mindglide debuts Bandcamp site where fans can finally find all his releases available. This includes the remarkable albums Down the light and Radiance , released on Altera Orbe back in 2011 and 2012 with notable success and also two new albums that the artist recorded since then, Cosmogenia (2012), an intimate soundtrack for deep space journeys and Present Absence (2015), a delicate and highly detailed exploration of the electronic music divided on three chapters with a generous amount of vintage and futiristic sounds and soundworlds.

Mindglide has also released a remastered early work entitled Tangent, which is also an awesome sounding masterwork that Tangerine Dreams fans will easily enjoy as it contains a lot of sequences, long evolving melodies and drifting soundwolds with a bit of both experimental and psychodelic elements to enhance the experience.

As most of you already know, Mindglide music is mostly based on cosmic electronic ambient with berlin school influences, genres that he deeply explores with those new releases, available for the first time. All of them are also carefully mastered by himself in his home studio.

Mindglide albums filed under on Altera Orbe catalog:

Other releases available at Bandcamp:

The Woomh Files: a journey of almost ten years

The Woomh FilesAltera Orbe started releasing EPs and minialbums back in 2012 under the special Woomh category, trying to offer to the artist another way to create and release music on an altertive format that allowed a faster develope. The idea was to catch ideas in distinction to the classic album format and time lenght, being perfect for little live performances, smaller conceptual works, medium-form pieces with identity, etc. In the end a lot of ideas fitted the format that sometimes was also possible to have a physical release in mini-CD (210Mb/ 24 minutes).

Ran Kirlian has released a dozen mini-albums in the Woomh series, being a few of them even earlier to the Woomh concept, ranging from year 2009 to 2019. Now he released an album collecting pieces from each of these mini-works with a fine mix that melt them together and also incluides some extrastuff like a pair if unreleased tracks and 12 pages booklet containing a lot of information about the making of these recordings and their artworks. It acts both like a sample of the music pictured on the Woomh series and as a portrait of a ten years journey across Ran Kirlian music.

The Woomh Files is available at Bandcamp for free or name your price.

Ran Kirlian | White Angel

White AngelWhite Angel is the alternative name of the Lyra-8 synthesizer created by Soma Laboratory. It is, also, the title of Ran Kirlian newest minialbum, as the Lyra-8 is the main instrument used on the tracks included on it. This project contains 40+ minutes of sonic explorations beyond ambient boundaries, from experimental and drone to subtle melodies and drifting atmospheres.

Synths: Soma Laboratory Lyra-8, Quasimidi Polymorph, Access Virus Indigo, (track 5)
Effects: Waves Trueverb, TC Electronic M3000 and Valhalla Shimmer

The minialbum White Angel is available at Bandcamp

Listen and see in the next video a sample of the music of this Woomh, with an alternative version of the track White Angel VI played live:

The Many Futures of Ran Kirlian

IMany Futures 1n September 2018 Ran Kirlian released a new EP with 3 tracks entitled «Many Futures issue nº1». Beyond the naive title, its cover art and layout looked closer to a vintage sci-fi magazine than to the typical Woomh albums. Also it did not followed the catalog number of the series, however it is an Altera Orbe minialbum release, but belonging to a new conceptual series, parallel to the Woomh series.

Many Futures is a series of mini albums that collects Ran Kirlian musical and sonic impressions around years of science fiction literature reading.

As Ran says: «More than just a soundtrack for those stories, these tracks are my personal vision of the future portrayed by the authors on their stories. That’s where the series title comes, as the music contained in this and further volumes flows around the many alternative futures of the humankind.»

Continuar leyendo «The Many Futures of Ran Kirlian»

Ran Kirlian | La Cueva de las Almas Perdidas

La CuevaThe first solo Woomh in two years from Ran Kirlian (apart from the Many Futures minialbums) is entitled «a Cueva de las Almas Perdidas» (The Cave of the Lost Souls). It is a experimental atmnospheric minialbum exclusively based on layers and loops of voices treated with different reverb effects. The result os a consistent space full of mystery and mysticism and a charming ambient experience.

All drones, sounds and choirs were done with Ran Kirlian’s voice and, eventually, his son’s voice and a rotating corrugated tube.

This minialbum is dedicated to all the victims during and after Franquism whose corpses were never found.

Available at Bandcamp

OVSCVIRIA by Ran Kirlian & Landru

OSCVIRIAAfter 7 years from their previous collaborative project, Waterfront, Landru and Ran Kirlian join forces again for a new project, this time in minialbum format, entitled OVSCVIRIA.

While released in 2019, this project started back in 2014. While the initial bases and lines were totally clear since beginning and the first mix was ready in 2015, it took few years to complete it. It was taken and abandoned several times during months between other projects and priority commitments from both artists. After finding time to complete this inspirational work during the second half of 2018, it finally found a launch window during 2019.

OBSCVIRIA is essentially a dark-ambient minialbum that combines dark soundworlds, sequences and rhythms by Ran Kirlian and Landru.

Landru: analog and digital synthesizers, samplers & grooves
Ran Kirlian: analog and digital synthesizers, samplers & voices

Available at Ran Kirlian Bandcamp site