The Woomh Files: a journey of almost ten years

The Woomh FilesAltera Orbe started releasing EPs and minialbums back in 2012 under the special Woomh category, trying to offer to the artist another way to create and release music on an altertive format that allowed a faster develope. The idea was to catch ideas in distinction to the classic album format and time lenght, being perfect for little live performances, smaller conceptual works, medium-form pieces with identity, etc. In the end a lot of ideas fitted the format that sometimes was also possible to have a physical release in mini-CD (210Mb/ 24 minutes).

Ran Kirlian has released a dozen mini-albums in the Woomh series, being a few of them even earlier to the Woomh concept, ranging from year 2009 to 2019. Now he released an album collecting pieces from each of these mini-works with a fine mix that melt them together and also incluides some extrastuff like a pair if unreleased tracks and 12 pages booklet containing a lot of information about the making of these recordings and their artworks. It acts both like a sample of the music pictured on the Woomh series and as a portrait of a ten years journey across Ran Kirlian music.

The Woomh Files is available at Bandcamp for free or name your price.

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