Landru | Unda

UndaUnda is the title of the lastest album by Landru. This work, strongly based on field recordings, goes far beyond his previous one, Undra, in terms of immersive soundscapes based on field recordings, drones and minimalistic melodies.

From release notes: «Unda, the latest Landru’s release, features evolving and minimalistic synthesized drone pads accompanied with background atmospheres based on field recordings that capture the essence of water. Consisting of 7 tracks, Unda explores some relaxing landscapes going through vibrating organic textures full of positive and recharging energies from one of the very basic naturals elements in nature: water (Unda: latin, Water). «

Unda has been writen, composed, produced and mastered by Landru at Atavachron Studios, Barcelona between 2017 and 2019. Field recordings were made in Valle del Jerte (Cáceres, Spain) and Torrelasal (Castellón, Spain).

Unda has been released under Landru’s own label Lepysma ( LEPYS002) and it is available only as downloadable format at Landru´s Bandcamp.

Ran Kirlian releases Ethernautica III

Ethernautica IIIToday, last day of 2018, Ran Kirlian repeated his particular ceremony and released the third chapter of his Ethernautica exploration series. It is, again, based on long-form and slow evolving pieces, but this time having three movements instead of one.

In Ran Kirlian words:

«Third instance in the series of recordings based in long format drones and processed raw material. In this volume I collect three pieces as a result of different recording sessions during 2018 with mixed emotions, something that I also wanted to reflect on the cover art.

These tracks were originally created as an inspirational source for my own as well as for meditative purposes. Some of these pieces may sound a bit raw and unpredictible, which is part of the spirit of the recordings, so I’ve decided to release these recordings for free.»

Ethernautica III is available at Ran Kirlian’s Bandcamp for free or name your price download.

Ran Kirlian | The Shape of Memories

The Shape of MemoriesRan Kirlian just released a new album entitled The Shape of Memories. It is a deeply intimate long form track of more than 66 minutes that was originally released in 2013 for Phillip Wilkerson’ Complex Silence Project and has been unavailable for some time. It has been rereleased in 2018, remastered and having some parts mixed again from the source in order to enhance the experience and fix some minor issues.

In Ran Kirlian words:

«This album was conceived as a long-form piece by combining smooth textures and minimal melodic weight with field recordings of a rainy autum afternoon, and it ended as a melancholic picture of the passing of time thru our memories. It has been described by many listeners as one of the most delicated works I’ve ever done. «

Here you can listen to a sampler of The Shape of Memories:

The Shape of Memories is available in downloadable format at Ran Kirlian’s Bandcamp

Ran Kirlian | Distant Signals

Distant SignalsDistant Signals is the long awaited new album from Ran Kirlian (except for Ethernautica series), 5 years after the release of Cosmos and The Physics of Heaven and almost 8 years in the making. It also has a physical release with a limited run of only 25 copies in CDR format on jewel case and impressive artwork.

In Ran Kirlian words:

«Distant Signals was planned as a personal soundtrack for a deep space exploration, both inner and outer, based on pure electronic atmospheres build on minimal structures. Dark and light combines here in a flow of textures and subtle melodies laying on a vast environment out of time and space. The inital recordings were created letting things breathe, letting themselves mark the pace of the recording sessions, pulsating in the studio and me, provoking a state of consciousness that I have seldom achieved by playing my instruments. This is something that I would like to transfer to the listeners.

The initial recordings of Distant Signals were created during summer 2010 based on live in studio sessions but it needed some extra time to finish. It was remixed, polished, taken and abandoned several times during the next years between other projects and it even became a totally abandoned project. It wasn’t until 2017 when I decided to finish and release it.

Although the sound of this album may occasionally sound out of control, I decided to keep it this way in order to preserve the essence of the creative process that inspired them. «

Here you can find a little sample of Distant Signals:

Distant Signals is a ten tracks album of 77+ minutes full of deep and soundworlds and minimalistic melodies with a intimal touch. Both physical and downloadable versions are available at Ran Kirlian’s Bandcamp. Remember that phyisical edition is a limited run.

Ran Kirlian | Ethernautica II

Ethernautica IILike a year ago, it’s December 31 and Ran Kirlian just released a new instance of the Ethernautica series. Following the idea of the previous release, this second chapter delves on live recordings based in long format drones and raw material.

Ethernautica II presents another a single 71+ minutes track of slow evolving atmospheres and textures that was, again, originally created as an inspirational source for experimental, compositive and meditative purposes.

You can download Ethernautica at Ran Kirlian’s Bandcamp site for free or name your price in lossless format.

More info about Ethernautica I

New Woomh releases by Ran Kirlian

Some time has passed since the last release of a Woomh minialbum, but today three new releases see the light under our record label. All of them comes from the Spanish composer Ran Kirlian and they offer a range of sounds that helps increasing his sonic palette. Here comes a brief description of them:

Ran Kirlian – Nested DreamsNested Dreams

Dark ambient minialbum based on complex textures and treated field recordings. This tracks have been deeply inspired by the work of Brian Lustmord, Voice of Eye and Yen Pox.

This minialbum also includes music from unreleased projects that finally found its place in this little release.

Available at Ran Kirlian’s Bandcamp

IxtabRan Kirlian – Ixtab

Dark-ambient/noise-drone minialbum based on live recordings and inspired by the figure of the Mayan goddess Ixtab.

This album goes far beyond the drone-ambient styles and explores raw landscapes with more aggresive sounds and distortion, a bit influenced by the early work of the Australian multimedia artist Abre Ojos.

Available at Ran Kirlian’s Bandcamp

MaalesbarkRan Kirlian – Maalesbark

Maalesbark is an electronic music minialbum dominated by modular synth sequences and few extreme frequencies. All tracks recorded live with an Eurorack modular synthesizer + friends.

The track Sanctus is a revisited version of a track included in the Ran Kirlian album Shore of Darkness from the year 2000. The track entitled Benthos, was recorded live and one of the first Ran Kirlian live performances to be posted on Youtube, back in 2009.

Available at Ran Kirlian’s Bandcamp

Landru’s Boira reviewed

Richard Gürtler has reviewed the newest Landru album, Boira, which had a very nice reception:

BoiraPatxi Hernández aka Landru has crossed my radar for the first time during the spring of 2012, not only as one of the driving forces behind Spanish label Altera Orbe, together with another fellow soundscaping countryman Ran Kirlian, but also as a creator of very impressive debut CDr «Neurotransmitters» (released in November 2011). In the meantime Landru has released several other notable solo albums available on CDr format like «Fimbria», «Scotoma», «Facets» and a collaborative project «Waterfront» with above mentioned labelmate Ran Kirlian. Some of them I have reviewed throughout 2012 and 2013. Although, I believe, Altera Orbe is on hiatus now, both artists still continue on releasing their own music, particularly Landru has a new album «Boira» out since June 2016 on his newly formed label Lepysma, even if the CDr edition was released as a limited edition few months later. «Boira», which means fog in Catalan language, comes in a standard jewel case with immersing black and white 4-page front insert.

Nearly 7-minute long «Dormant State», the shortest one on «Boira», ignites the venture with subterraneanly labyrinthine drone cascades, which are delicately reinforced by assorted, translucently cyber-tech swirls and smashes or ambiguously cavernous pulses and bleeps. Auxiliary warmer cinematic vignettes clandestinely permeate across engulfing hypogeal sceneries. A very strong opening! «The Water Cycle», stretching to 11 minutes, merges richly biotic and mesmerizingly transporting location recordings with constantly circling longing undulations, while intangibly noisier bangs are persistently guarding above. The next piece, «Hydroscopic Particles», only slightly shorter than its predecessor, straightly shifts into sonorously dronescaping Eden, where magnificently multi-dimensional monochromatic monoliths are meticulously coalesced with perpetually helixing primal rumbles and intriguingly traverse through awe-inspiringly panoptic vistas. A towering dronezones at its climax!!! «Evolving Landscape» delves into more future-tech-driven terrains highlighted by polished crystalline bleeps and oddities, and surrounded by balmily expanding and tranquilly nuanced cinematic horizons. Another big one!!! «From A Certain Height» masterfully blends nebulously engrossing choir-infused solitudes with subtly vibrating and intricately high-tech grooves. As much engrossing as electrifying, an aural elixir is served here! «Quiescense» reveals with soaring enigmatic drifts, roaming through perplexing altitudes and backed by remotely elusive throbs and eerily glancing groans and squeaks. The closing 20-plus minutes long title opus «Boira» dives deeply into grandiosely unfathomable depths, navigated by gracefully celestial and spellbindingly humming drone stratums and oracularly illuminated by extraterrestrial signals. And then inconspicuously crescendoing through jaw-droppingly transporting meridians. Massively mysterious finale fully reveals all its magic!!! Bravo, Landru!!!

Landru offers with «Boira» 75 minutes of prodigiously tenebrous atmozones exquisitely augmented by a diversity of cybernetic, futuristic or primordial-charged curiosities, no matter if shimmering, pellucid, granular or puzzling. Undoubtedly «Boira» is another very strong recording by Landru, so don’t hesitate to explore this crafted Spaniard, because he really deserves much more attention than he gets. Landru’s discography features several well hidden gems and your support would be greatly appreciated with many rewards awaiting!!! Patxi, muchas gracias and keep on creating!!!

Richard Gürtler (May 31, 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Ran Kirlian | Ethernautica I

Ethernautica IRan Kirlian just released his newest album, Ethernautica I, a drifting electronic journey based on a large format piece that combines ambient soundworlds with classic electronic flavours.This album is the opening volume on a series of live recordingsthat will be released during next months in a similar shape.

«This and other pieces that will follow in this series were originally created as an inspirational source for my own as well as for meditative purposes. Some of these pieces may sound a bit raw and unpredictible, so I’ve decided to release these recordings for free.»

All music composed, performed, mixed and produced by Ran Kirlian.

Recorded at The Blue_Room between September and December 2016.

Released December 31, 2016.

You can download Ethernautica at Ran Kirlian’s Bandcamp site for free or name your price in lossless format.

Landru | Boira

BoiraLandru has released Boira, his new album since Facets, released in Altera Orbe 2 years ago. This one is not released under our record label, but we feel compelled to talk about it given its enormous sound quality.

Boria (fog in Catalan language), the latest release by Landru is inspired in the mist and mystic essence of the Catalan forests during the autumn sunrises. This new project consist of 7 new tracks that invite the listener to a calm and relaxing journey through minimalists and evolving sonic landscapes driven by synthesized textures and organical instruments that embellish the field recordings that serve as a background ambience in some of the tracks presents in this album.

After the awesome chill-out album Facets, Boira marks a new Landru exploration into the ambient realms, bringing us an awesome collection of pieces based on minimalistic compositions floating on deep and complex textures, out-of-this-world grooves and treated field recordings. The result is a brilliant sounding masterpiece where the soundworlds flow from darkness to light with a gorgeous sound quality.

Released under Lepysma label, this album has been produced and mastered by Landru on his studio, Atavachron Studios, in Barcelona. Boira has been written, composed, producer and mastered by Landru in 2016.

Boira is available at Landru’s Bandcamp site in both physical and downloadable formats. Please notice that the CDR edition is limited to 25 copies only, so run to grab yours!

Altera Orbe webstore redirect

Hello everyone,

as you all know a long time passed since our last release. Due to a lot of circunstances, most of our artist and the Altera Orbe crew have been deeply busy during last months and, consequently , they have been disconnected from the label.

Due to a lack of time to maintain our website and keep things alive we’ve made some changes in order to give a better service for both costumers and artists. One of this changes has been redirect all store activity to our artists websites and bandcamp stores (for those who own one), in order to let people directly purchase their music from the source instead of our webstore. We’ve also closed our register/login module as our record label will cease as webstore and stop selling music.

Thanks for your support