Landru is an audiovisual concept developed by Patxi Hernández (Madrid, Spain 1974) based on computers & synthesizers and all kinds of electronic instruments as the main source for obtaining sounds and ambience textures capable of creating new sonic dimensions and atmospheric landscapes.

From an ambient perspective, field recordings and organic/ritual instruments such as singing bowls and experimental instruments are also key elements in his compositions.

In 2007 Landru released its first solo album, Exobiology, containing several tracks covering all kinds of electronic styles. In parallel, he has been collaborating as a producer/engineer with some of the main independent musician in the electronic arena with the Come Va? Trilogy as a final result (Come Va?, 2008; Come Va? 2, 2009; Come Va? Sunsets, 2010). In 2011, Landru released Neurotransmitters, a highly conceptual work that represented his first incursion into the ambient scene.

Besides these studio activities he has made several performances & live events and composed some music jingles for commercials, publicity campaigns and public events.

At the moment Landru is settled in the proximities of Barcelona where his new studio Atavachron is located. He is currently working in a new ambient project and a collaborative album with one of the most famous ambient artists in Spain: Ran Kirlian.


It is nearly impossible to summarize in a short list all the artists that have influenced Landru’s music during all this years. Moreover, the musical styles and the personal tendencies are not static and they are continuously evolving, as is the personal inclination towards one style or another or the improvement in technical knowledge. However, to name a few: Pet Shop Boys, Electronic, New Order, Faithless, The Future Sound of London, Aphex Twin, The Shamen, Orbital, Enigma, Kraftwerk, Nacho Sotomayor, The Crystal Method, Blank & Jones, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Alio Die, Brian Eno…

Landru music on Bandcamp
Landru official website

Music released on Altera Orbe

  • OBSCVIRIA ( in collaboration with Ran Kirlian, Woomh – AOREP012, 2019)
  • Rust (Woomh – AOREP004 , 2014)
  • Facets ( AOR0025, 2014)
  • Scotoma ( AOR0013, 2013)
  • Fimbria ( AOR0007, 2012)
  • Waterfront (in collaboration with Ran Kirlian, AOR0006, 2012)

Other albums

  • Unda (Lepysma, 2019)
  • Boira (Lepysma, 2016)
  • Neurotransmitters (Ancient Psyque, 2011)
  • Come Va? Sunsets (various artists, 2010)
  • Come Va? 2 (various artists, 2009)
  • Come Va? (various artists, 2008)
  • Exobiology (Ancient Psyque, 2007)

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