This is the complete list of our references, which includes full lenght album releases as well as Mini-album/EPs (the so called Woomhs) and sample compilations. You can also find a complete description of each release and links to our artists Bancamp sites if they are available in any format.

Please notice that our catalog list only includes the reference number of the albums released and produced by the record label. As some of you may remember, we also used to host music from many other great artists like Max Corbacho, Bruno Sanfilippo and all our friends from Relaxed Machinery label: Steve Brand, Chriss Russell, Shane Morris, Åpne Sinn, Peter James, Zero Ohms, Andrew Lahiff, Chronotope Project, Disturbed Earth, Broken Harbour, Bob Ohrum, Lowell Levene-Sims among others. You can find info about their releases in the Blog section as well as links to their bandcamp websites.

Full length albums

AOR0001: Landru – Exobiology
AOR0002: Landru – Neurotransmitters
AOR0003: Ran Kirlian – Dissolution
AOR0004: Ran Kirlian – Selected Works I
AOR0005: Ran Kirlian – Selected Works II
AOR0006: Ran Kirlian & Landru – Waterfront
AOR0007: Landru – Fimbria 
AOR0008: Ran Kirlian – Continuum
AOR0009: Vauxia Errante – Cambrian Spirits
AOR0010: Ran Kirlian – Formations
AOR0011: Joxan Ruiz – Gaze 
AOR0012: Mindglide – Down the Light
AOR0013: Landru – Scotoma
AOR0014: Isidro Castro – Flight Paths Vol. 1
AOR0015: Vauxia Errante – Primigenia
AOR0016: Ran Kirlian & Jaja – Cosmos I
AOR0017: Oöphoi & Ran Kirlian – The Physics of Heaven
AOR0018: Deleted / not assigned
AOR0019: Joxan Ruiz – Space Between
AOR0020: Mindglide – Radiance
AOR0021: Ran Kirlian – Fade Out
AOR0022: Ran Kirlian – Elements in Motion
AOR0023: Ran Kirlian – Sleeper
AOR0024: Deleted / not assigned
AOR0025: Landru – Facets
AOR0026: Ran Kirlian – Ethernautica I
AOR0027: Ran Kirlian – Ethernautica II
AOR0028: Ran Kirlian – Distant Signals
AOR0029: Ran Kirlian – The Shape of Memories
AOR0030: Ran Kirlian – Ethernautica III
AOR0031: Ran Kirlian – The Woomh Files

Mini-albums and Extended Plays (EPs)

Woomh Series
AOREP001: Ran Kirlian – Mystical Veils
AOREP002: Joxan Ruiz – Nostromo Diaries
AOREP003: Vauxia Errante – La Creation Du Monde
AOREP004: Landru – Rush
AOREP005: Joxan Ruiz – Blue Radiance
AOREP006: Steve Brand – Trust and Remember
AOREP007: Ran Kirlian – Ataraxia
AOREP008: Ran Kirlian – Los Bosques Sombríos
AOREP009: Vauxia Errante – Cryogenia
AOREP010: Ran Kirlian – Nested Dreams
AOREP011: Ran Kirlian – Ixtab
AOREP012: Ran Kirlian & Landru – OSCVIRIA
AOREP013: Ran Kirlian – Maalesbark
AOREP014: Ran Kirlian – La Cueva de las Almas Perdidas
AOREP015: Ran Kirlian – White Angel
Many Futures series
AOREP101: Ran Kirlian – Many Futures 1
AOREP102: Ran Kirlian – Many Futures 2
AOREP103: Ran Kirlian – Many Futures 3

Samples & compilations

AORS001: Synergy 1 / An Altera Orbe Compilation