Ran Kirlian – The Woomh Files [AOR0031]

The Woomh FilesThis album collects music previously included in the Altera Orbe Woomh series, a number of minialbums mainly based on experimental, electronic and dark-ambient music genres. Most of the music contained in this album was recorded between 2009 and 2019 and released from 2012 onwards in digital format only (all of them available here).

This compilation not only includes music from each one of these minialbums and some unreleased music, but also a lot of extra information about the making of these recordings and their artworks.

All music composed, performed, produced and recorded except on track 10, with synths and grooves by Landru and track 13 with additional voices by Alan Kirlian.

All music included in this album was mixed, recorded and produced by Ran Kirlian between 2009 and 2019 This album was mixed, recorded and produced by Ran Kirlian between March and June 2019

Track list
1.- White Angel III 2:53
2.- The Seventh Voyage8:35
3.- Mystical Veils II 5:57
4.- Orthaleim6:35
5.- Circles I 2:58
6.- Froisia Venna5:41
7.- Benthos6:26
8.- Ix Tab 17:01
9.- Here Gather the Stars 5:46
10.- VAIRISCO7:31
11.- Dreissia Veiox5:42
12.- Wrapped in Whispers3:07
13.- Sibiaran 5:27
14.- Something Strange4:49
Complete set: 78:28

Available at Bandcamp

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