Ran Kirlian | White Angel

White AngelWhite Angel is the alternative name of the Lyra-8 synthesizer created by Soma Laboratory. It is, also, the title of Ran Kirlian newest minialbum, as the Lyra-8 is the main instrument used on the tracks included on it. This project contains 40+ minutes of sonic explorations beyond ambient boundaries, from experimental and drone to subtle melodies and drifting atmospheres.

Synths: Soma Laboratory Lyra-8, Quasimidi Polymorph, Access Virus Indigo, (track 5)
Effects: Waves Trueverb, TC Electronic M3000 and Valhalla Shimmer

The minialbum White Angel is available at Bandcamp

Listen and see in the next video a sample of the music of this Woomh, with an alternative version of the track White Angel VI played live:

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