Ran Kirlian – La Cueva de las Almas Perdidas [AOREP014]

La CuevaLa Cueva de las Almas Perdidas (The Cave of the Lost Souls) is a minialbum exclusively based on layers and loops of voices treated with different reverb effects. All drones, sounds and choirs were done with my own voice and, eventually, my son’s voice and a rotating corrugated tube.

This minialbum is dedicated to all the victims during and after Franquism whose corpses were never found.

Tools: Tasty Pixel, Loopy HD, Amazing Noises Reverb, Waves Trueverb, TC Electronic M3000 and Valhalla Shimmer

Ran Kirlian: voices, whispers, whistles and rotating corrugated tube (track 4) Alan Kirlian: voices (track 2)
Recorded mixed and mastered at The Blue_Room, March 2019. Released in 2019

Track list
1.- Darvahan2:16
2.- Sibiaran6:22
3.- Kelerosh6:00
4.- Vinah9:56
Complete set: 24:34 

Available at Bandcamp

Ran Kirlian – Maalesbark [AOREP013]

MaalesbarkMaalesbark is an electronic music minialbum dominated by modular synth sequences and few extreme frequencies. All tracks recorded live with an Eurorack modular synthesizer + friends.

The track Sanctus is a revisited version of a track included in the Ran Kirlian album Shore of Darkness from the year 2000. The track entitled Benthos, was recorded live and one of the first Ran Kirlian live performances to be posted on Youtube, back in 2009.

Tools: Eurorack modular synthesizer, Roland Jupiter 4 (tracks 1 & 3), Toshio Iwai’s Electroplankton (track 2)

All tracks composed and recorded live between 2010 and 2011. Sanctus, originally composed by Ran Kirlian in 2000

Mixed and mastered by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room, 2015 – 2016. Released in 2017
Cover art layout and pictures by Ran Kirlian

Track list
1.- Pluto7:42
2.- Benthos6:51
3.- Sanctus9:56
Complete set: 24:28 

Available at Bandcamp

Ran Kirlian & Landru – OSCVIRIA [AOREP012]

OSCVIRIAAfter a long period of innactivity, both Landru and Ran Kirlian found each other back in 2014 exploring similar dark-ambient soundworlds. They soon decided to build something together in a very different way that they did with Waterfront (2012).

While the initial bases and lines were totally clear since beginning and the first mix was ready in 2015, it took few years to complete it. I was taken and abandoned several times during months between other projects from both artists. After finding time to complete this inspirational work during the second half of 2018, it finally found a launch window during 2019.

OBSCVIRIA is essentially a dark-ambient minialbum that combines dark soundworlds, sequences and rhythms by Ran Kirlian and Landru.

Landru: analog and digital synthesizers, samplers & grooves
Ran Kirlian: analog and digital synthesizers, samplers & voices

Recorded between 2014-2016 at Atavachron and The Blue_Room. Released in 2019
Mixed and mastered 2017-2019 at The Blue_Room

Track list
1.- IVSCOIRA10:05
2.- VAIRISCO8:02
3.- SIVCAIRO6:22
Complete set: 24:30

Available at Bandcamp

Ran Kirlian – Ixtab [AOREP011]

IxtabDark-ambient/noisy-drone minialbum based on live recordings.

The album concept is based on the figure of the Mayan goddess Ix Tab, who has a nice description at wikipedia: ”At the time of the Spanish conquest of Yucatan (1527-1546), Ix Tab, or Ixtab ([iʃˈtaɓ], ‘Woman whose work involves the use of a rope’), was the indigenous Mayan goddess of suicide by hanging. Playing the role of a psychopomp (a guide of souls), she would accompany such suicides to heaven. No certain depictions of Ixtab are known.” ( Source: wikipedia)

Tools: Oberheim OB12, Roland JP8080, Creamware Pro12, TC Electronic M3000, TC Electronic M-One & treated field recordings

Composed, performed, recorded and mastered by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room, 2016 – 2017. Released in 2017

Cover art layout and pictures by Ran Kirlian

Track list
1.- Ix tab 17:10
2.- Ix tab 210:42
3.- Ix tab 37:40
Complete set: 25:33 

Available at Bandcamp

Ran Kirlian – Nested Dreams [AOREP010]

Nested DreamsDark ambient minialbum based on complex textures and treated field recordings. This tracks have been deeply inspired by the work of Brian Lustmord, Voice of Eye and Yen Pox.

The track Straits of Devastation owes its name to one of the maps of the MMORPG game Guild Wars 2 and the track Orthaleim was originally composed for a compilation in honour to the Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński (1929-2005) that was never released.

Tools: Antonio Blanca’s Dron-E, Wooji Fruits Sylo Synth, Moog Little Phatty, Oberheim OB12, Creamware Pro-12, TC Electronic M3000, TC Electronic M-One & treated field recordings

Composed, performed, recorded and mastered by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room, 2015 – 2017. Released in 2017.

Cover art layout and pictures by Ran Kirlian

Track list
1.- Jotain lähestyy9:42
2.- Orthaleim6:48
3.- Straits of Devastation8:12
Complete set: 24:41 

Available at Bandcamp

Ran Kirlian – Los Bosques Sombríos [AOREP008]

Los bosquesWoomh EP containing 4 deeply connected tracks that conforms a sonic portrait of one of those moments when we’re feeling lost and blind, like walking inside of a dark forest without a path to follow. While the music of this minialbum is mostly dark ambient, I conceived it as a soundtrack for one of these enlightening experiences that we must feel, and even enjoy, in out lifes. Dedicated in loving memory to Oöphoi (Gianluigi Gasparetti) 1958 – 2013

Tools: Antonio Blanca’s Dron-E, Wooji Fruits Sylo Synth, Oberheim OB12, Roland JP8080, TC Electronic M3000, Sonic Forest & treated field recordings

Composed, performed, recorded and mastered by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room, 2012 – 2014. Released in 2015.

Cover art layout and pictures by Ran Kirlian

Track list
1.- Below the Surface6:19
2.- The Roots Keep Growing3:02
3.- Through the Ancient Ruins11:54
4.- Wrapped in Whispers3:23
Complete set: 24:38 

Available at Bandcamp

Ran Kirlian – Mystical Veils [AOREP001]

Mystical VeilsMystical Veils is the first volume in the Woomh Series. It is an EP that collects 3 electronic pieces recorded live in 2009 in a different style Ran Kirlian music uses to be, with pulsating sequences and textures, a bit away from classical ambient genres.

In Ran Kirlian’s words: «The idea of releasing this music on a mini-album format came because I’ve found that these tracks were strongly contextualized between them with a very particular sound.«

All music composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room in 2009 and mastered in 2012.

Sound sources includes analog and digital synthesizers.

Pictures, digital images and cover art design by Ran Kirlian.

Track list
1.-Mystical Veil I
2.-Mystical Veil II
3.-Mystical Veil III

Complete set: 20:27

Available at Bandcamp

Ran Kirlian – Ataraxia [AOREP007]

AtaraxiaAtaraxia is a Woomh EP created by Ran Kirlian that comprises 4 electronic tracks hard to be catalogued into any ambient style beyond experimental. However it consistently fits on the Woomh concept, where boundaries are not yet defined.

This mini-album collects music created between 2012 and 2013 using both software and hardware synthesizers, samplers and effect tools in order to create an alternative sonic palette to the most typical Kirlian textures.

All music composed, performed, mixed and matered by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room between 2012 and 2013.

Sound sources includes analog and digital synthesizers, samplers and effect processing.

Pictures, digital images and cover art design by Ran Kirlian.

This download includes additional wallpaper art (1920x1200px)

Track list
4.-Froisia Venna

Complete set: 23:30

Available at Bandcamp

Ran Kirlian – Sleeper [AOR0023]

SleeperThis conceptual album suggests an evolutive journey into lucid dream states with deep ambient atmospheres and environmental sounds, from floating soundscapes to tribal grooves, from the deeps of earth to the realms of surrealism… Taken from a live performance based on improvisations, Sleeper collects most of the sides of Kirlian music, including complex textures, subtle melodies, tribal percussions, flutes, shakers, seeds, rainstick, treated sounds and his own voice performing live.

Based on a privated live performance, this album tries to explore some personal experiences around lucid dreaming. Combining both atmospheric and tribal sides, it describes a new path into my music and my own way of living. Source material was recorded in summer 2003 and treated during next months. Massive synthesis layers and treated nature sounds creates here a warm environment to give support to tribal grooves, flutes, whispers and strange sounds to enhance a meditative state.

Recorded live 15-16 august 2003, mixed at the Blue_Room Sept 2003 – Feb 2004

Track list
1.-In Somnia Part I11:20
2.-Host Creatures6:54
6.-Other Place10:37
8.-In Somnia Part II16.17

Complete set: 68:46

Available at Bandcamp

Review by Bert Strolenberg

«The album “Sleeper” was born from two large floating sessions the Spanish ambient musician Ran Kirlian recorded in the summer of 2003. Both are based on pure improvisation, with some treated field recordings played randomly. Later on, as Kirlian ran over the recordings, he added voice, some additional sounds and grooves to make the music fit in the concept of an evolutionary process on dreams and sleeping. The outcome is an album that is highly atmospheric, but which also features several tribal elements like the claypots which show up in “Other Place” next to his voice. “Sleeper” is a continuous vast textural landscape floating by, able to transport the listener’s mind to a remote places and dense atmospheres. I’m sure fans of Roach and freeform tribal ambient will love this sonic scenery for the mind . Well done!»

(Bert Strolenberg, main editor & journalist E-dition Magazine & Sonic Immersion, 2005)

Ran Kirlian – Elements in Motion [AOR0022]

Elements in motionStrange noises meets haunting overtones and static passages to conform a dark soundtrack for infinite landscapes.

After three years of exploring new paths in the dark-ambient side of my music, this album collects music that I prepared slowly and deeply.

This album mostly explores dark ambient landscapes and is strongly based in drones; all source material come from field recordings, overtone voices and found sounds with a lot of edition, stretching and effects. Synthesizers have here a minimal presence. The music in this album sounds closer to artists like Lustmord and Thomas Könner than my other albums.

First released at artist website as free download in 2004-2005; remastered version released at ad21music during 2010-2011 and later on Altera Orbe in 2012.

All tracks composed, performed, arranged and produced by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room 2003-2004

Cover artwork by Ran Kirlian

Track list
1.-Black Surface11:20
2.-Celiar Structure4:50
3.-Deflective Limits13:25
4.-Static Motion22:23
5.-Cortical Landscapes14:11
Complete set: 77:58

Available at Bandcamp


«This release from Spanish ambient composer Ran Kirlian is another long form journey encompassing dark landscapes and ideas, taking the listener on an extended trip of 78 minutes. As Kirlian explained to me, synthesizers aren’t that prominent compared to his other recordings, they act more as support for the major layers of organic and industrial environments.

The music itself is a bit drone-like at times, but also moving to more floating nature at times. Rather minimal shaped, it’s accompanied by treated voices, some organic sounds of metals, stones and field recordings.
It is no easy music to listen to, but it is still worthwhile and rather hypnotic when listening through headphones.

(Bert Strolenberg, main editor & journalist on E-dition Magazine and Sonic Immersion)