Ran Kirlian – La Cueva de las Almas Perdidas [AOREP014]

La CuevaLa Cueva de las Almas Perdidas (The Cave of the Lost Souls) is a minialbum exclusively based on layers and loops of voices treated with different reverb effects. All drones, sounds and choirs were done with my own voice and, eventually, my son’s voice and a rotating corrugated tube.

This minialbum is dedicated to all the victims during and after Franquism whose corpses were never found.

Tools: Tasty Pixel, Loopy HD, Amazing Noises Reverb, Waves Trueverb, TC Electronic M3000 and Valhalla Shimmer

Ran Kirlian: voices, whispers, whistles and rotating corrugated tube (track 4) Alan Kirlian: voices (track 2)
Recorded mixed and mastered at The Blue_Room, March 2019. Released in 2019

Track list
1.- Darvahan2:16
2.- Sibiaran6:22
3.- Kelerosh6:00
4.- Vinah9:56
Complete set: 24:34 

Available at Bandcamp

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