Ran Kirlian – Ixtab [AOREP011]

IxtabDark-ambient/noisy-drone minialbum based on live recordings.

The album concept is based on the figure of the Mayan goddess Ix Tab, who has a nice description at wikipedia: ”At the time of the Spanish conquest of Yucatan (1527-1546), Ix Tab, or Ixtab ([iʃˈtaɓ], ‘Woman whose work involves the use of a rope’), was the indigenous Mayan goddess of suicide by hanging. Playing the role of a psychopomp (a guide of souls), she would accompany such suicides to heaven. No certain depictions of Ixtab are known.” ( Source: wikipedia)

Tools: Oberheim OB12, Roland JP8080, Creamware Pro12, TC Electronic M3000, TC Electronic M-One & treated field recordings

Composed, performed, recorded and mastered by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room, 2016 – 2017. Released in 2017

Cover art layout and pictures by Ran Kirlian

Track list
1.- Ix tab 17:10
2.- Ix tab 210:42
3.- Ix tab 37:40
Complete set: 25:33 

Available at Bandcamp

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