Synergy 1 – An Altera Orbe Compilation [AORS001]

Synergy 1Synergy 1 is an AlteraOrbe ambient compilation released in 2012 featuring music by Max Corbacho, Landru, Joxan Ruiz, Ran Kirlian, Mindglide, Isidro Castro and Vauxia Errante.

This album was created as a presentation to our record label and to our main artists and offered as a free download in FLAC and mp3 format. You can find the link at the end of this page.

Mixed by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room, Dec 2012
Cover artwork and fractal images by Landru, 2012

All music composed, recorded and performed by their authors & published by AlteraOrbe

Track list
1.- Max Corbacho: Deep Time (except) – from Deep Time (AD207, 2010) 6:27
2.- Landru: Fimbria – from Fimbria (AOR0007, 2012) 4:53
3.- Mindglide: The Edge Of Infinity – from Down the Light (AOR0012, 2012) 7:52
4.- Ran Kirlian: Messier 83 – from Continuum (AOR0008, 2012) 4:28
5.- Joxan Ruiz: Ocean Vibration – from Gaze (AOR0011, 2012) 7:02
6.- Landru: Binary Rain – from Scotoma (AOR0013, 2013) 5:57
7.- Isidro Castro: Arrival – from Flightpath Vol. 1 (AOR0014, 2012) 12:54
8.- Vauxia Errante: Xandarella Spectaculum – from Cambrian Spirits (AOR0009, 2012) 7:37
9.- Ran Kirlian & Landru: Alluvium – from Waterfront (AOR0006, 2012) 10:43
10.- Joxan Ruiz: Space Between – Previously Unreleased, 2012 9:40
Total time: 77:40

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Ran Kirlian & Landru – Waterfront [AOR0006]

WaterfrontWaterfront is the consolidation of the first acclaimed collaborative work between the ambient artists Ran Kirlian and Landru, co-owners of the online ambient label Altera Orbe.

Recorded as a real time performance during one whole session and later mastered at the artists’ recording studios, Waterfront reflects the interaction between the sublime drones and ethereal ambiences created by Ran Kirlian and the hypnotic and melodic sonic riffs and tribal percussion loops composed by Landru.

Using both digital and analog synthesizers as the main sound sources, Waterfront has a very unique organic mood, mainly thanks to those background ambience landscapes provided by real ethnic instruments and dedicated field recordings.

Track list
1.-Alkali 7:45
2.-Diffraction 14:58
3.-Interdimensional 6:26
4.-Pulsating Core 10:58
7.-Metamorphism 14:49
Complete set: 72:14

Available at Landru Bandcam

Available at Ran Kirlian Bandcamp

Landru – Facets [AOR0025]

FacetsFacets is the new Chillout | Lounge double CD album released by Landru. With Facets, Landru shows his most intimate and serene side. It is definitely a delicate work, characterized by the coexistence of instruments, percussions and melodies from different cultures all around the world. An album that represents the consolidated maturity of Landru in the chillout music scene.

Facets consists of one CD including 15 new unreleased tracks and a second CD with remixed versions of the original tracks made by the most representative ambient and chillout artists from Spain.

All music were composed, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Landru at Atavachron Studios, Barcelona, during 2012. Fractals, layout and cover art were also provided by Landru.

Track list
Disc 1
1.-The Secret of Being You4:43
2.-The Chamber of the 47 Buddhas4:54
3.-Excuses 4:48
4.-Happy Diwali 3:52
5.-Autumn Leaves4:30
6.-Self-Inflicted Pain4:44
7.-Subliminal Scent5:59
8.-Eastern Winds5:23
9.-Free Flight4:19
10.-Breaking Rules5:31
11.-New Life 6:14
12.-Memories From the Ganges 5:40
14.-Is this Really the End?4:31
15.-The Last Score5:40
Disc 2
1.-Happy Diwali (Ran Kirlian Remix)5:58
2.-Excuses (Dave Mix)4:54
3.-Breaking Rules (Joxan Remix) 5:19
4.-The Chamber of the 47 Buddhas (Ran Kirlian remix) 7:18
5.-Memories From the Ganges (Daniel Muñox Mix)3:26
6.-Autumn Leaves (Antonio Tobajas Remix)4:43
7.-New Life (Daniel Muñoz Remix)5:56
8.-The Secret of Being You (Antonio Tobajas Remix)5:40

Total running time:117:57

Available at Bandcamp

Landru – Scotoma [AOR0013]

ScotomaScotoma is without any doubt, the darkest ambient album released by Landru so far. Scotoma is full of intriguing noises and background drones capable of creating an enigmatic and invisible atmosphere that surrounds the listener from the very beginning as an intense and dense fog that remains present throughout the whole album. During this journey to the dark side of the vision, you may also find some groovy percussions and rhythmical patterns which add some light into this otherwise impassable landscapes.

Among the sonic sources used during the composition, you may find all kind of digital and software synthesizers and also some experimental and organic sounds coming from innovative instruments and field recordings such as the Kurzweil K2000 VX, Access Virus Redback, Quasimidi The Raven & Polymorph, Korg Legacy Analog & Digital Edition, Absynth and Sonic Forest.

All music were composed, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Landru at Atavachron Studios, Barcelona, during 2012. Fractals, layout and cover art were also provided by Landru.

Track list
1.-Isotope Counter10:12
3.-Blue Moon 4:17
4.-Scotoma 4:56
5.-Dark Adaptation14:51
6.-Intron Loss6:06
7.-Binary Rain4:31
8.-Quantum Resonance15:02
Complete set: 67:24

Available at Bandcamp

Landru – Fimbria [AOR0007]

FimbriaFimbria is the latest exploration of Landru into ambient realms, a step forward into complex textures and vibrating grooves from a very personal perspective.

The tracks collected in this album presents a priscine production and a deep development on te creation of textures, loops and unique sounds, intrinsic factors in the music of Landru.

All tracks written, com posed and performed by Landru
Produced and m astered by Landru at Atavachron Studios, Barcelona
Cover artwork design and images by Landru
℗ © 2012 by landru

Track list
2.-Substantia Nigra5:19
3.-Echoes 4:05
4.-The Passage 2:02
5.-Cosmic Strings7:32
8.-Katabatic Wind6:07
10.-The Last Quelonid5:38
11.-Melted Stone7:06
Complete set: 67:43

Available at Bandcamp

Review by Richard Gürtler

Landru is Patxi Hernández, one of driving forces behind Altera Orbe label, and «Fimbria» is his second solo ambient installment, released during September 2012. «Fimbria» comes as CDr edition packaged in elegant digipak.

«Corrosion» unfolds the album and dives straightly into shadowy cavernous realms. Eerie, but richly organic-flavored ambience is melted with diverse distinguishing industrial and cybernetic fragments, some of them more harmonious while some others more discordant, with 12 minutes the longest composition on «Fimbria». «Substantia Nigra» keeps its synergetic path melting darkly spiraling pads, sparse future-tech elements with the sounds of flowing water. «Echoes» remain in subterranean domains, but comprise a quite hymnic drone. «The Passage», as its title suggests, is a shorter transitional number, where frightening zones are merged with otherworldly voice-like sounds and swirling effects, quite unique piece. «Cosmic Strings» bridge deep drones with various sharp dissonances and low primal rumbles. Again remaining rather sparse and weird, but strongly effective.

«Miñaco» attracts with its semi-rhythmed cyberscape, sculpted with razor sharp whip sound effects and distant rumbles and winds. It gets closer to cybernetic-flavored first album «Neurotransmitters». And this future-tech sound can be explored also through «Amalgam», a composition of hazed, but vibrant technoscape crossed with cyber noises. However, «Katabatic Wind» quickly soars to wondrous primordial worlds with graciously floating and pleasantly soothing dreamscapes. A truly immersing composition, which grows on me with every repeated listen. The title composition «Fimbria» unfolds with the interplay of denser, high-tech soundscapes and water sound effects, but later cascades into hypnotically coiling and mid-paced, pulsing grooves. Electrifying cyber-tech escapade!!!

«The Last Quelonid» integrates again various future-tech effects, rumbles and relaxing nature sounds, surrounded by immense sacral washes with ethereal choir-like essence. «Melted Stone» opens with deeply absorbing atmozones enriched sparkling noises, but the journey is soon stolen by spiraling, crystalline electro pulses, which transform this composition into steadily living and breathing trajectory, masterfully backed by mesmerizingly flowing water soundscapes. Absolutely brilliant finale!!! «Fimbria» is another freshly vital, adventurously sculpted and hauntingly distinctive work by this potential Spaniard, who is not afraid of searching his own pathway. And by the time I am completing these lines, a brand new album «Scotoma» has been released on Altera Orbe, so I really look forward to more exciting endeavors from Landru!!!

Richard Gürtler (Jan 20, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Landru – Neurotransmitters [AOR0002]

NeurotransmittersNeurotransmitters is the first ambient album published by Landru. This highly conceptual project is based on the endogenous chemical compounds that are released from a nerve cell which are capable of transmitting neurologic information from one cell to another. Neurotransmitters contains 10 different ambient tracks inspired in ten different neurotransmitters.

Track list
1. Serotonin05:57
2. Acetylcholine08:16
3. Histamine06:10
4. Glycine09:35
5. Dopamine07:19
6. Epinephrine09:00
7. GABA09:59
8. Aspartate06:23
9. Glutamate05:40
10. Melatonine06:25
Total running time: 75:05

Available at Bandcamp

Review by Richard Gürtler

Wow, this is a really nice surprise for me, discovered only few weeks ago through newly launched Altera Orbe website. Landru, based near Barcelona, Spain, is a solo project of Patxi Hernández. He is also one of the creative forces behind Altera Orbe, together with Ran Kirlian. Landru was before focusing more on dance or chillout oriented electronics, but when I entered into «Neurotransmitters» territory through introducing «Serotonin» composition, my eyebrows were raised right away and brand new sonic dimensions were awaiting to be explored.

Yes, «Neurotransmitters» is the first purely ambient-infused album of Landru, released in November, 2011. As mentioned above, this exciting excursion begins with «Serotonin», an icy cold dronescape colored with various, sharply hitting and erupting high-tech percussive sounds. Quite an electrifying performance I must say, introducing Landru’s ambient soundscapes at most scientific!!! Important to mention, this album is a strongly conceptual work based around various neurotransmitters, the chemicals which allow the transmission of signals from one neuron to the next across synapses. Now that’s a challenging theme to express through sonic visions by an artist who freshly ventures into ambient genre!!! «Acetylcholine» keeps on strongly futuristic route, but this time with more rhythmic approach, while the next piece, «Histamine» unites rather experimental, cacophonic sounds with atmospheric soundscapes. Low drone work, invading «Glycine», is soon joined by various razor-sharp effects and mechanized movements and shifts into coldly pulsing industrialized ambience, amazing!!! «Dopamine» immediately strikes with beautifully crystalline melody, crossed with harsher cybernetics, I really enjoy this catchy blend of nicely balanced softer and rawer passages, filling this journey with imagination and curiosity.

«Epinephrine» hits with ice cold spiraling drones, spiced by assorted bleeps and hums, all backed by cavernous sounds. A truly immersing cybernetic dreamscape!!! But «GABA» dives even deeper with sonar-like pings and few eerie high-tech effects, slowly submerging into more massive drone walls before few slightly tribal-spiced grooves are thrown in. Audible ecstasy is guaranteed!!! «Aspartate» evolves into the most upbeat sculpted piece on «Neurotransmitters» with cold, industrialized rhythms. Various noises, rumblings and signals are nicely bridged with deeper atmospheres, evocative melody and ethereal voice-like sounds on «Glutamate». «Melatonin» closes this amazingly adventurous ride with richly sculpted and sharply sounding texture, assembled with hazed factory-like breathings, harsher distortions, catchy metallic implements and warmer, nearly cinematic drifts. «Neurotransmitters» is a very impressive ambient debut by Landru!!! I definitely will keep en eye on this Spaniard, because his co-work with Ran Kirlian entitled «Waterfront» is in the pipeline and his next ambient album «Fimbria» is in the works too. Until then, «Neurotransmitters» album gets my highest recommendation!!!

Richard Gürtler (Apr 14, 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Landru – Exobiology [AOR0001]

ExobiologyExobiology is the first published work by Landru which was released in 2007. It represents the consolidation of a musical project developed during more than a decade based on electronic landscapes, ethnic voices and vibrating grooves. Among the 12 included tracks, you may find all kind of electronic compositions, from Big Beat to Dance and Chillout themes.

Track list
1. Change of Attitude04:48
2. In the Middle of Our Existence04:46
3. I Hear Voices Inside My Head04:02
4. Surprises Are Never Expected05:36
5. Those Distant Creatures Are Begging for Help05:20
6. Dreaming of Someting That Could Never Happen05:48
7. It Is More That Just Rhythm03:42
8. Prototype 001: Ready To Accept Programming04:10
9. New Orbit Around Planet K-235705:42
10. Lie Down With Me04:17
11. Is There In Truth No Beauty?04:44
12. Static Subspace Bubbles04:40
Total running time: 57:30

Available at Bandcamp

Vauxia Errante – Cambrian Spirits [AOR0009]

Cambrian SpiritsCambrian Spirits is the first album by Vauxia errante, a dark and deep subterranean-ambient work full of drones, complex textures and field recordings from the underworld. The album, recorded during 20011 and 2012 features Ran Kirlian on synths, flutes and tribal grooves on some tracks as well as on production. The album art was also created by his friend, while thematics and pictures comes from Vauxia’s secondary passions: photography and paleontology.

His creative process combines electronics, voices and field recordings in a deconstructive research. Darkness, cavernous and underground are words that comes to mind after listening to Vauxia Errante textures and sonic experiments.

Track list

1.-Sirius Passet
2.-Xandarella Spectaculum (with Ran Kirlian)
3.-Call of Nacreous
4.-Cambrian Spirits (with Ran Kirlian)
5.-Cycle of Earth (with Ran Kirlian)

Complete set: 75:27

Available at Bandcamp