Ran Kirlian – Elements in Motion [AOR0022]

Elements in motionStrange noises meets haunting overtones and static passages to conform a dark soundtrack for infinite landscapes.

After three years of exploring new paths in the dark-ambient side of my music, this album collects music that I prepared slowly and deeply.

This album mostly explores dark ambient landscapes and is strongly based in drones; all source material come from field recordings, overtone voices and found sounds with a lot of edition, stretching and effects. Synthesizers have here a minimal presence. The music in this album sounds closer to artists like Lustmord and Thomas Könner than my other albums.

First released at artist website as free download in 2004-2005; remastered version released at ad21music during 2010-2011 and later on Altera Orbe in 2012.

All tracks composed, performed, arranged and produced by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room 2003-2004

Cover artwork by Ran Kirlian

Track list
1.-Black Surface11:20
2.-Celiar Structure4:50
3.-Deflective Limits13:25
4.-Static Motion22:23
5.-Cortical Landscapes14:11
Complete set: 77:58

Available at Bandcamp


“This release from Spanish ambient composer Ran Kirlian is another long form journey encompassing dark landscapes and ideas, taking the listener on an extended trip of 78 minutes. As Kirlian explained to me, synthesizers aren’t that prominent compared to his other recordings, they act more as support for the major layers of organic and industrial environments.

The music itself is a bit drone-like at times, but also moving to more floating nature at times. Rather minimal shaped, it’s accompanied by treated voices, some organic sounds of metals, stones and field recordings.
It is no easy music to listen to, but it is still worthwhile and rather hypnotic when listening through headphones.

(Bert Strolenberg, main editor & journalist on E-dition Magazine and Sonic Immersion)

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