Vauxia Errante

Vauxia Errante is the alias of a history teacher born and located in Valencia (Spain) who prefers to remain anonymous in his music career. He started playing music in 2008 as a hobby influenced by his love for ambient and dark-ambient genres. During the last years, this innocent hobby has become a serious passion with a deep research and time-consuming dedication, redefining dark and drone music in which he classifies as Subterranean Ambient. His first music project was developed with the support of his long time friend Ran Kirlian letting them start some collaborative works.

His most prefered instruments are software synths like Reaktor, Kontakt, Alchemy and a large amount of VSTis and iOS Apps. He also uses to include voices and field recordings as source material for his sonic experiments.

Strongly influenced by the music of Oöphoi, Mathias Grassow, Thommas Köner, Vidna Obmana , Nik Parkin , Jeff Greinke, Alio Die, Viridian Sun, Lustmord, Zeit, Yen Pox, Nimh, Aglaia, Kenneth Newby and a lot more.

His first album, Cambrian Spirits, was produced by Ran Kirlian, which is also featured in some of the tracks of this album. The album art was also created by his friend, while thematics and pictures comes from Vauxia’s secondary passions: photography and paleontology.

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Ran Kirlian

Born in Hannover (Germany) in 1972 and later moved to Valencia (Spain), Ran Kirlian began exploring his own musical pathways in the mid-nineties and recorded his first album Shore of Darkness in 2000. Since then nearly a dozen albums have followed, among which include Obscurity (2000), Melting Point (2001), Sleeper (2004) and his lastest work Dissolution (2009). Also, two albums entitled Selected Works I & Selected Works II were released in 2007 collecting music recorded and released between years 2000 and 2007 from tribal-ambient to dark and space ambient genres.

His music, mostly focussed on tribal and dark ambient genres, offers a personal and intense approach to textural landscaping and atmospheres inspiring ritualistic environments, cold spaces and desolate landscapes. Defined as a self-taught musician, he uses to start most of his projects from raw improvisations that later evolve in a continuous refinement process.

With synthesizers and samplers as his main tools, his music tries to combine different sound sources like field recordings, exotic flutes, percussions and ethnic instruments like bowls and didgeridoos. This mixture carries evident influences from artists like Steve Roach, Alio Die, Robert Rich, Mathias Grassow, Oöphoi, Lustmord, Thom Brennan and Jorge Reyes.

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Mindglide is the electronic musical project behind Rafael De Julián, an independent artist born in Valencia, Spain, with a deep influence from  electronic music, progressive rock and jazz. He started studying and creating music in the early 90’s attracted by synthesis and sequencing as a way of composing and developing his ideas with the main objective of evoking rich and deep feelings onto listeners.

Mindglide’s music is aimed to transmit evocative atmospheres and portraits of a free form universe, allowing the listener to expand his mind and  his  imagination beyond musical boundaries. According to this, his music is presented full of dense timbrical structures, rich soundworlds and progressive composition schemes.

His main tools include analogue and digital synthesizers and sequencers, software synths and his recently adquired eurorack modular system. Here, his preferences go towards FM synthesis and wavetables with synths like the Yamaha SY99 and the Korg Wavestation to mention some. While his music shows evident influences by ambient pioneers like Brian Eno and Steve Roach, krautrock and the Berlin school are also present in his compositions thru artists such as Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze, as well as several bands going from symphonic rock to jazz styles.

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Landru is an audiovisual concept developed by Patxi Hernández (Madrid, Spain 1974) based on computers & synthesizers and all kinds of electronic instruments as the main source for obtaining sounds and ambience textures capable of creating new sonic dimensions and atmospheric landscapes.

From an ambient perspective, field recordings and organic/ritual instruments such as singing bowls and experimental instruments are also key elements in his compositions.

In 2007 Landru released its first solo album, Exobiology, containing several tracks covering all kinds of electronic styles. In parallel, he has been collaborating as a producer/engineer with some of the main independent musician in the electronic arena with the Come Va? Trilogy as a final result (Come Va?, 2008; Come Va? 2, 2009; Come Va? Sunsets, 2010). In 2011, Landru released Neurotransmitters, a highly conceptual work that represented his first incursion into the ambient scene.

Besides these studio activities he has made several performances & live events and composed some music jingles for commercials, publicity campaigns and public events.

At the moment Landru is settled in the proximities of Barcelona where his new studio Atavachron is located. He is currently working in a new ambient project and a collaborative album with one of the most famous ambient artists in Spain: Ran Kirlian.


It is nearly impossible to summarize in a short list all the artists that have influenced Landru’s music during all this years. Moreover, the musical styles and the personal tendencies are not static and they are continuously evolving, as is the personal inclination towards one style or another or the improvement in technical knowledge. However, to name a few: Pet Shop Boys, Electronic, New Order, Faithless, The Future Sound of London, Aphex Twin, The Shamen, Orbital, Enigma, Kraftwerk, Nacho Sotomayor, The Crystal Method, Blank & Jones, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Alio Die, Brian Eno…

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Music released on Altera Orbe

  • OBSCVIRIA ( in collaboration with Ran Kirlian, Woomh – AOREP012, 2019)
  • Rust (Woomh – AOREP004 , 2014)
  • Facets ( AOR0025, 2014)
  • Scotoma ( AOR0013, 2013)
  • Fimbria ( AOR0007, 2012)
  • Waterfront (in collaboration with Ran Kirlian, AOR0006, 2012)

Other albums

  • Unda (Lepysma, 2019)
  • Boira (Lepysma, 2016)
  • Neurotransmitters (Ancient Psyque, 2011)
  • Come Va? Sunsets (various artists, 2010)
  • Come Va? 2 (various artists, 2009)
  • Come Va? (various artists, 2008)
  • Exobiology (Ancient Psyque, 2007)

Joxan Ruíz

Joxan Ruiz is an independent musician, born in San Sebastián (Spain, 1969). His music is based on synthesizers, guitars, aerophones and field recordings. His music is made from the breath, trying to paint a landscape of colors and textures, pointing to the essence of the vibration.

He uses to mix sounds of native and exotic flutes with ethereal drones and loops, searching the mystery of sunlight through a soap bubble.

The combination of atmospheres and tribal ambient music marks the core of his recordings, sometimes playing flutes in the forest and picking up the essence and texture of each sound wave. This means that improvisation is developed to build work lines for his compositions, creating and combining different sound sources.

Influences: Carlos Nakai, Jorge Reyes, Coyote Oldman, Harold Budd, Robert Fripp, Pablo Salcedo, Michael Stearns, Steve Roach, Jonn Serrie

Joxan Ruiz profile at relaxed Machinery Community
Joxan Ruiz at Soundcloud

Music released on Altera Orbe

  • Gaze (AOR0011, 2012)
  • Nostromo Diaries (Woomh EP – AOREP002, 2012)
  • Blue Radiance (Woomh EP – AOREP005, 2013)
  • Space Between ( AOR0019, 2013)

Isidro Castro

Isidro Castro is a multidisciplinary plastic artist graduated in Fine Arts by the University of La Laguna, Tenerife (Canary Islands) Spain that combines his pictoric work with electronic music composition and performance. He started his musical activity in 2005 immersed in the electronic music scene of the Berlin School and has been deeply influenced by artists like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Ashra Temple, Michael Hoenig for more than 25 years. This makes Isidro’s music an awesome equilibrium between atmospheric soundscapes, electronic sequences and minimalist structures with a wide range of elements.

He considers that his main inspiration sources come from natural energies such as those originated from the telluric force related to the volcanic and desert landscapes of the island where he lives in as well as those coming from icy and even astronomic worlds, that contribute to strengthen the construction of a thought that expresses his feelings through two languages: music and plastic arts.

His main tools include sequencers, loops, analog and digital synthesizer and several software instruments.

Isidro Castro website

Music released on Altera orbe:

  • Flightpath Vol.1 [recorded in 2008 and remastered in 2012, AOR0014]

Other albums

  • Deep Skies [2011]
  • Flightpath Vol.3 [2010]
  • Flightpath Vol.2 [2009]
  • Landscapes Visions [2007]