Joxan Ruíz

Joxan Ruiz is an independent musician, born in San Sebastián (Spain, 1969). His music is based on synthesizers, guitars, aerophones and field recordings. His music is made from the breath, trying to paint a landscape of colors and textures, pointing to the essence of the vibration.

He uses to mix sounds of native and exotic flutes with ethereal drones and loops, searching the mystery of sunlight through a soap bubble.

The combination of atmospheres and tribal ambient music marks the core of his recordings, sometimes playing flutes in the forest and picking up the essence and texture of each sound wave. This means that improvisation is developed to build work lines for his compositions, creating and combining different sound sources.

Influences: Carlos Nakai, Jorge Reyes, Coyote Oldman, Harold Budd, Robert Fripp, Pablo Salcedo, Michael Stearns, Steve Roach, Jonn Serrie

Joxan Ruiz profile at relaxed Machinery Community
Joxan Ruiz at Soundcloud

Music released on Altera Orbe

  • Gaze (AOR0011, 2012)
  • Nostromo Diaries (Woomh EP – AOREP002, 2012)
  • Blue Radiance (Woomh EP – AOREP005, 2013)
  • Space Between ( AOR0019, 2013)

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