Vauxia Errante

Vauxia Errante is the alias of a history teacher born and located in Valencia (Spain) who prefers to remain anonymous in his music career. He started playing music in 2008 as a hobby influenced by his love for ambient and dark-ambient genres. During the last years, this innocent hobby has become a serious passion with a deep research and time-consuming dedication, redefining dark and drone music in which he classifies as Subterranean Ambient. His first music project was developed with the support of his long time friend Ran Kirlian letting them start some collaborative works.

His most prefered instruments are software synths like Reaktor, Kontakt, Alchemy and a large amount of VSTis and iOS Apps. He also uses to include voices and field recordings as source material for his sonic experiments.

Strongly influenced by the music of Oöphoi, Mathias Grassow, Thommas Köner, Vidna Obmana , Nik Parkin , Jeff Greinke, Alio Die, Viridian Sun, Lustmord, Zeit, Yen Pox, Nimh, Aglaia, Kenneth Newby and a lot more.

His first album, Cambrian Spirits, was produced by Ran Kirlian, which is also featured in some of the tracks of this album. The album art was also created by his friend, while thematics and pictures comes from Vauxia’s secondary passions: photography and paleontology.

Vauxia Errante on Bandcamp

Music released on Altera orbe

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