Vauxia Errante – Cambrian Spirits [AOR0009]

Cambrian SpiritsCambrian Spirits is the first album by Vauxia errante, a dark and deep subterranean-ambient work full of drones, complex textures and field recordings from the underworld. The album, recorded during 20011 and 2012 features Ran Kirlian on synths, flutes and tribal grooves on some tracks as well as on production. The album art was also created by his friend, while thematics and pictures comes from Vauxia’s secondary passions: photography and paleontology.

His creative process combines electronics, voices and field recordings in a deconstructive research. Darkness, cavernous and underground are words that comes to mind after listening to Vauxia Errante textures and sonic experiments.

Track list

1.-Sirius Passet
2.-Xandarella Spectaculum (with Ran Kirlian)
3.-Call of Nacreous
4.-Cambrian Spirits (with Ran Kirlian)
5.-Cycle of Earth (with Ran Kirlian)

Complete set: 75:27

Available at Bandcamp

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