Landru – Exobiology [AOR0001]

ExobiologyExobiology is the first published work by Landru which was released in 2007. It represents the consolidation of a musical project developed during more than a decade based on electronic landscapes, ethnic voices and vibrating grooves. Among the 12 included tracks, you may find all kind of electronic compositions, from Big Beat to Dance and Chillout themes.

Track list
1. Change of Attitude04:48
2. In the Middle of Our Existence04:46
3. I Hear Voices Inside My Head04:02
4. Surprises Are Never Expected05:36
5. Those Distant Creatures Are Begging for Help05:20
6. Dreaming of Someting That Could Never Happen05:48
7. It Is More That Just Rhythm03:42
8. Prototype 001: Ready To Accept Programming04:10
9. New Orbit Around Planet K-235705:42
10. Lie Down With Me04:17
11. Is There In Truth No Beauty?04:44
12. Static Subspace Bubbles04:40
Total running time: 57:30

Available at Bandcamp

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