Ran Kirlian & Landru – Waterfront [AOR0006]

WaterfrontWaterfront is the consolidation of the first acclaimed collaborative work between the ambient artists Ran Kirlian and Landru, co-owners of the online ambient label Altera Orbe.

Recorded as a real time performance during one whole session and later mastered at the artists’ recording studios, Waterfront reflects the interaction between the sublime drones and ethereal ambiences created by Ran Kirlian and the hypnotic and melodic sonic riffs and tribal percussion loops composed by Landru.

Using both digital and analog synthesizers as the main sound sources, Waterfront has a very unique organic mood, mainly thanks to those background ambience landscapes provided by real ethnic instruments and dedicated field recordings.

Track list
1.-Alkali 7:45
2.-Diffraction 14:58
3.-Interdimensional 6:26
4.-Pulsating Core 10:58
7.-Metamorphism 14:49
Complete set: 72:14

Available at Landru Bandcam

Available at Ran Kirlian Bandcamp

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