New Woomh releases by Ran Kirlian

Some time has passed since the last release of a Woomh minialbum, but today three new releases see the light under our record label. All of them comes from the Spanish composer Ran Kirlian and they offer a range of sounds that helps increasing his sonic palette. Here comes a brief description of them:

Ran Kirlian – Nested DreamsNested Dreams

Dark ambient minialbum based on complex textures and treated field recordings. This tracks have been deeply inspired by the work of Brian Lustmord, Voice of Eye and Yen Pox.

This minialbum also includes music from unreleased projects that finally found its place in this little release.

Available at Ran Kirlian’s Bandcamp

IxtabRan Kirlian – Ixtab

Dark-ambient/noise-drone minialbum based on live recordings and inspired by the figure of the Mayan goddess Ixtab.

This album goes far beyond the drone-ambient styles and explores raw landscapes with more aggresive sounds and distortion, a bit influenced by the early work of the Australian multimedia artist Abre Ojos.

Available at Ran Kirlian’s Bandcamp

MaalesbarkRan Kirlian – Maalesbark

Maalesbark is an electronic music minialbum dominated by modular synth sequences and few extreme frequencies. All tracks recorded live with an Eurorack modular synthesizer + friends.

The track Sanctus is a revisited version of a track included in the Ran Kirlian album Shore of Darkness from the year 2000. The track entitled Benthos, was recorded live and one of the first Ran Kirlian live performances to be posted on Youtube, back in 2009.

Available at Ran Kirlian’s Bandcamp

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