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BoiraLandru has released Boira, his new album since Facets, released in Altera Orbe 2 years ago. This one is not released under our record label, but we feel compelled to talk about it given its enormous sound quality.

Boria (fog in Catalan language), the latest release by Landru is inspired in the mist and mystic essence of the Catalan forests during the autumn sunrises. This new project consist of 7 new tracks that invite the listener to a calm and relaxing journey through minimalists and evolving sonic landscapes driven by synthesized textures and organical instruments that embellish the field recordings that serve as a background ambience in some of the tracks presents in this album.

After the awesome chill-out album Facets, Boira marks a new Landru exploration into the ambient realms, bringing us an awesome collection of pieces based on minimalistic compositions floating on deep and complex textures, out-of-this-world grooves and treated field recordings. The result is a brilliant sounding masterpiece where the soundworlds flow from darkness to light with a gorgeous sound quality.

Released under Lepysma label, this album has been produced and mastered by Landru on his studio, Atavachron Studios, in Barcelona. Boira has been written, composed, producer and mastered by Landru in 2016.

Boira is available at Landru’s Bandcamp site in both physical and downloadable formats. Please notice that the CDR edition is limited to 25 copies only, so run to grab yours!

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