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Distant SignalsDistant Signals is the long awaited new album from Ran Kirlian (except for Ethernautica series), 5 years after the release of Cosmos and The Physics of Heaven and almost 8 years in the making. It also has a physical release with a limited run of only 25 copies in CDR format on jewel case and impressive artwork.

In Ran Kirlian words:

«Distant Signals was planned as a personal soundtrack for a deep space exploration, both inner and outer, based on pure electronic atmospheres build on minimal structures. Dark and light combines here in a flow of textures and subtle melodies laying on a vast environment out of time and space. The inital recordings were created letting things breathe, letting themselves mark the pace of the recording sessions, pulsating in the studio and me, provoking a state of consciousness that I have seldom achieved by playing my instruments. This is something that I would like to transfer to the listeners.

The initial recordings of Distant Signals were created during summer 2010 based on live in studio sessions but it needed some extra time to finish. It was remixed, polished, taken and abandoned several times during the next years between other projects and it even became a totally abandoned project. It wasn’t until 2017 when I decided to finish and release it.

Although the sound of this album may occasionally sound out of control, I decided to keep it this way in order to preserve the essence of the creative process that inspired them. «

Here you can find a little sample of Distant Signals:

Distant Signals is a ten tracks album of 77+ minutes full of deep and soundworlds and minimalistic melodies with a intimal touch. Both physical and downloadable versions are available at Ran Kirlian’s Bandcamp. Remember that phyisical edition is a limited run.

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