Ran Kirlian & Jaja – Cosmos I [AOR0016]

Cosmos Ran Kirlian & JajaCosmos is the first collaborative work between prolific ambient wizard Ran Kirlian and german based electronic alchemist Jaja (Jana Rockstroh). When Ran Kirlian and Jaja met first time in 2012 they recognized the same deep bond about space and music.

They immediately thought of doing a collaborative work to share their visions and to bring out the best of their both worlds. What followed was a fulminant adventure and a truly colorful journey into deep space territories, a powerful flow of pure space-ambient music based on improvisations on synthesizers.

Now, the result is the first album on a series of electronic space-ambient dedicated to the magnificence of the Universe and the figure of one of its biggest explorers: Carl Sagan. Cosmos is pure space-ambient flow with four timeless ambient journeys into outer space full of stars.

All music composed, performed & Recorded by Ran Kirlian & Jaja (Jana Rockstroh) between Spain and Germany in September 2012

Produced and mastered by Ran Kirlian & Jaja

Ran Kirlian & Jaja: analog, digital & software synthesizers and samplers.

Track list
3.-Full of Stars


Complete set: 79:53

Available at Bandcamp

Review by Bert Strolenberg

«Cosmos Vol. 1» (the first album in a series of electronic space-ambient dedicated to the magnificence of the universe and one of its biggest explorers: Carl Sagan) marks the debut collaborative work by Spanish ambient composer Ran Kirlian and his German soul mate Jana Rockstroh (aka Jaja).

The album contains 80-minutes of profound atmospherics featuring four massive, deep and extensive soundscape textures, all curling smoothly through the wonders and splendor of magnificent galaxies toward infinite worlds beyond. If you’re a fan of emotive, harmonic and imaginary ambient-space music, the improvised sonic explorations featured here will be right up your alley.

The physical edition of the release is limited to just 50 copies.

Bert Strolenberg at Sonic Immersion ( Jul, 2013)

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