Joxan Ruiz – Nostromo Diaries [AOREP002]

NOSTROMO_DIARIESNostromo Diaries is a cinematic trip, a gothic nightmare to grip your subconscious, through a horror movie with experimental tones and humming voices
Overtones and space winds are mixed in equal amounts, in the southern constellation of Reticulum
Creaking noises are often heard in the spaceship…
¿How long is 35 Light Years?


All music composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Joxan Ruiz between 2011 and 2012. Mixed The Blue_Room and mastered by Ran Kirlian in 2012. Sound sources includes analog and digital synthesizers.

Cover art design by Ran Kirlian, pictures by Joxan Ruiz.

Note: no astronauts were damaged during the recording of this album.

Track list
1.-Part I – Zeta I
2.-Part II – Zeta II
3.-Part III – 35LY

Complete set: 20:14

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