Ran Kirlian | Ethernautica I

Ethernautica IRan Kirlian just released his newest album, Ethernautica I, a drifting electronic journey based on a large format piece that combines ambient soundworlds with classic electronic flavours.This album is the opening volume on a series of live recordingsthat will be released during next months in a similar shape.

«This and other pieces that will follow in this series were originally created as an inspirational source for my own as well as for meditative purposes. Some of these pieces may sound a bit raw and unpredictible, so I’ve decided to release these recordings for free.»

All music composed, performed, mixed and produced by Ran Kirlian.

Recorded at The Blue_Room between September and December 2016.

Released December 31, 2016.

You can download Ethernautica at Ran Kirlian’s Bandcamp site for free or name your price in lossless format.

Landru – Scotoma

Scotoma is without any doubt, the darkest ambient album released by Landru so far. Scotoma is full of intriguing noises and background drones capable of creating an enigmatic and invisible atmosphere that surrounds the listener from the very beginning as an intense and dense fog that remains present throughout the whole album. During this journey to the dark side of the vision, you may also find some groovy percussions and rhythmical patterns which add some light into this otherwise impassable landscapes. <`p>Among the sonic sources used during the composition, you may find all kind of digital and software synthesizers and also some experimental and organic sounds coming from innovative instruments and field recordings such as the Kurzweil K2000 VX, Access Virus Redback, Quasimidi The Raven & Polymorph, Korg Legacy Analog & Digital Edition, Absynth and Sonic Forest.

All music were composed, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Landru at Atavachron Studios, Barcelona, during 2012.

Scotoma is available at Landru’s Bandcamp

Listen to some samples of Scotoma:

November releases: Mindglide, Isidro Castro & Joxan Ruiz

This month we feel honoured to receive two new great artists in our label, both releasing two awesome albums today: Mindglide, a deep space-ambient artist with years of experience composing and producing will releases his first album Down the Light and Isidro Castro, an artist especialized in Berlin School and space-ambient genres presents an excepcional double album entitled Flight Paths Vol 1.

MIndglideMindglide – Down the Light [AOR0014]

Down the Light is a gorgeous space ambient work, full of nostalgic and beautiful melodies surrounded by a complex universe of synthetic sounds.

Down the Light is a gorgeous space ambient work, full of nostalgic and beautiful melodies surrounded by a complex universe of synthetic sounds.

Isidro CastroIsidro Castro – Flightpaths 1 [AOR0014]

Flight Paths Vol 1 represents the first volume of an awesome trilogy full of space soundworlds and complex sequences in a impressive demostration of natural creativity.

NOSTROMO_DIARIESJoxan Ruiz – Nostromo Diaries (Woomh Series #2)

We also want to present you a new work from our artists Joxan Ruiz, a minialbum entitled Nostromo Diaries, specially developed for our recently created Woomh Series.

Ran Kirlian – Formations & Mystic Veils

Ran Kirlian releases today his latest album Formations, a masterwork that combines space and tribal ambient based on live improvisations and mastered by Max Corbacho.

Also, as the first volume in the new Woomh Series, we’re releasing Mystical Veils, an EP that collects 3 electronic pieces recorded live in 2009 in a different style Ran Kirlian music uses to be, with pulsating sequences and textures, a bit away from classical ambient genres.

Ran Kirlian - Formations