Synergy 1 – An AlteraOrbe Compilation

Synergy 1 is an AlteraOrbe ambient compilation released in 2012 featuring music by Max Corbacho, Landru, Joxan Ruiz, Ran Kirlian, Mindglide, Isidro Castro and Vauxia Errante.

This album was created as a presentation to our record label and to our main artists and offered as a free download in FLAC and mp3 format.

Mixed by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room, Dec 2012
Cover artwork and fractal images by Landru, 2012

All music composed, recorded and performed by their authors & published by AlteraOrbe

Synergy track list:

Max Corbacho – Deep Time (except)
Landru – Fimbria
Mindglide – The Edge Of Infinity
Ran Kirlian – Messier 83
Joxan Ruiz – Ocean Vibration
Landru – Binary Rain
Isidro Castro – Arrival
Vauxia Errante – Xandarella Spectaculum
Ran Kirlian & Landru – Alluvium
Joxan Ruiz – Space Between

Listen to a preview here:

Altera Orbe features new artist: Vauxia Errante

We’re happy to present a new signing artist in our label, Vauxia Errante, which will release a truly awesome album named Cambrian Spirits: a dark and deep subterranean-ambient full of evolving drones, complex textures and ritualistic flavours.

Vauxia ErranteMostly based on drone and dark-ambient genres, his creative process combines electronic music, voices and field recordings in a deconstructive research and development. Darkness, cavernous and underground are words that usually comes to mind after listening to Vauxia Errante textures and sonic experiments.

Strongly influenced by the music of Oöphoi, Mathias Grassow, Thommas Köner, Vidna Obmana, Steve Roach, Jeff Greinke, Alio Die, Viridian Sun, Lustmord, Zeit, Yen Pox, Nimh, Nik Parkin, Aglaia, Kenneth Newby and a lot more.

His first music project, Cambrian Spirits, was developed with the support of his long time friend Ran Kirlian who features in some of the tracks of this album playing synths, flutes and tribal grooves.

More info

Altera Orbe Opening

We are really proud to introduce you alteraOrbe, the ultimate ambient music label where you may find all the info and the latest releases from some of the main electronic ambient artists all over the world (Bruno Sanfilippo, Landru, Max Corbacho, Ran Kirlian and Relaxed Machinery Artists). AlteraOrbe is an independent music label owned and managed by the ambient artists Ran Kirlian & Landru and it is mainly focused on the promotion and diffusion of space, electronic, tribal and dark ambient musical genres. In this website you may also find a lot of information about our catalog of releases and links to artists’s bandcamp or websites to support their work by purchasing their music.

All our projects are recorded, mixed and mastered in a professional environment with a dedicated setup in order to achieve the finest and purest sound for your real enjoyment providing a sublime ambience experience.

Our Releases

DissolutionRan Kirlian | Dissolution

Dissolution is the new exploration into dark ambient realms by Ran Kirlian after four years in the making and several sound experiments and project evolutions. The result is a collection of 11 new tracks exploring sound in a very organic way, where synth drones melts with environmental noises, acoustic sounds and voices to create soundworlds that drives the listener from the deeps of the earth to the cosmic void.

Available at Bandcamp

NeurotransmittersLandru | Neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters is the first ambient album published by Landru. This highly conceptual project is based on the endogenous chemical compounds that are released from a nerve cell which are capable of transmitting neurologic information from one cell to another. Neurotransmitters contains 10 different ambient tracks inspired in ten different neurotransmitters.

Available at Bandcamp

ExobiologyLandru | Exobiology

Exobiology is the first published work by Landru which was released in 2007. It represents the consolidation of a musical project developed during more than a decade based on electronic landscapes, ethnic voices and vibrating grooves. Among the 12 included tracks, you may find all kind of electronic compositions, from Big Beat to Dance and Chillout themes.

Available at Bandcamp

Selected-Works-IRan Kirlian | Selected Works I

Selected Works Vol. I collects music from the most tribal-ambient side of Ran Kirlian music composed and recorded during the years 1999 to 2007. The music included in this selection was remastered (when possible) and mixed to provide a continuous and organic flow to enhace the listening experience.

Available at Bandcamp

Selected Works IIRan Kirlian | Selected Works II

Selected Works Vol. II collects music from atmospheric, space and dark-ambient styles of Ran Kirlian composed and recorded during the years 1999 to 2007. The music included in this selection was remastered (when possible) and mixed to provide a continuous and organic flow to enhace the listening experience.

Available at Bandcamp