Ran Kirlian – Ethernautica I [AOR0026]

Ethernautica IEthernautica I is the opening volume on a series of a series of live recordings based on large format pieces with slow evolving atmospheres, mostly based on drones. This and other pieces that will follow in this series were originally created as an inspirational source for my own as well as for meditative purposes. Some of these pieces may sound a bit raw and unpredictible, so I’ve decided to release these recordings for free.

All music composed, performed, mixed and produced by Ran Kirlian. Recorded at The Blue_Room between September and December 2016.

Released December 31, 2016

Cover art layout and pictures by Ran Kirlian

Track list
1.- Ethernautica I66:08
Complete set: 66:08 

Available at Bandcamp

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