Vauxia Errante – Primigenia [AOR0015]

PrimigeniaPrimigenia is the new album by Vauxia Errante, a journey far beyond his previous full lenght masterwork Cambrian Spirits. Primigenia explores a much darker and organic side of Vauxia’s music with a high pressence of drones, experimental sounds and slow evolutions in search of a deep meditative state on the listener. This new album presents 5 sonic explorations full of complex textures, drifting soundworlds and highly processed field recordings forming a dense atmosphere between alien landscapes and underground flavours. The album, recorded during 2012 and 2013, features Ran Kirlian on synths and voices on two tracks as well as on mixing and mastering. Cover art and pictures also by Ran Kirlian.

His creative process combines electronics, voices, lo-fi noises and field recordings in a highly deconstructive research. Darkness, cavernous and underground are words that comes to mind after listening to Vauxia Errante textures and sonic experiments.

This download includes 3 additional wallpaper art (1920x1200px)

Track list
3.-Katara (with Ran Kirlian)
5.-Eidotalamia (with Ran Kirlian)

Complete set: 75:05

Available at Bandcamp

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