Steve Brand – Trust and Remember [AOREP006]

Steve Brand“Trust and Remember” is a 24 minute ambient soundscape woven from keyboard, voice and processed guitar sounds, created at The Treehouse by Steve Brand in May of 2013, exclusively for the AlterOrbe Woomh Series. Thanks to Ran Kilrian for his interest and support and to all the artists of the AlteraOrbe label.

The track “Trust and Remember” began as a phrase that I’ve heard in my mind over and over again for years. This phrase would come up in times of apparent uncertainty, change and upheaval. I would often ask this soundless voice…trust what? Remember what? Even though I could not rationally understand the words, I felt their power and relevance in my gut. I knew without question that they constituted a powerful answer to everything I am and was experiencing.

My current understanding of this mindful directive is this… For me, trusting in this sense means knowing that even though I may not be able to see what’s ahead, even if it seems unlikely or uncertain that a way or means is going to present itself, there always has been a path in the past, so why shouldn’t there be one waiting and forming for me at this time…and the next time and the next. It also means trusting my own creativity, integrity, sovereignty and native abilities, my own sense of timing and appropriateness. More simply, trusting that I will know what to do when it’s most needed in the most appropriate way.

Trusting that “making it up as I go along” is a legitimate way of being in the world, although we are often taught otherwise. Remembering, the second half of this phrase, has also become a powerful concept for me. Not so much remembering facts or past events, although those can also be powerful tools. Remembering, in this context, is less a mental process and more in the realm of feeling. Remembering how it felt to be innocent, trusting, seated in my own power, my own passion, and what it felt like to bring these into effect I my life, without worry or fear. How did that feel? What was the result? How can I create or access that feeling for myself now? I often “get” these sorts of phrases running through my mind like a leader at the bottom of a news screen. I have learned to trust and remember them…by heart.

All music composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Steve Brand, 2013. Mastered by Steve Brand.

Tools: analogic & digital synthesizers and electric guitar.

Cover art layout by Ran Kirlian, pictures by Steve Brand.
Released June 29, 2013

Thanks to Ran Kirlian at AlteraOrbe for his support and interest.

Track list
1. Trust And Remember 24:08
Total time: 24:08

Available at Bandcamp

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