New Altera Orbe releases

After a long long silence, Altera Orbe is proud to announce a few new releases, all of them EP’s from WOOMH series:

Landru – Rust

Rust consists of three previously unpublished tracks based on minimal evolving cinematic pads. Simplicity is the main nexus of this album as all pads were recorded lively using just a couple of digital synthesizers and sonic backgrounds based on field recordings.

Avalilable at Landru’s bandcamp site

Ran Kirlian – Los Bosques Sombríos

Minialbum containing 4 dark-ambient/drone environments inspired by and dedicated to the memory of ambient master Oöphoi (Gianluigi Gasparetti) 1958 – 2013

Available at Ran Kirlian’s Bandcamp site

Vauxia Errante – Cryogenia

The sonic sculptor Vauxia Errante created an evolvinglong form (24 min) atmospheric track based on a combination of drone layers and treated field recordings.

Available at Vauxia Errante Bandcamp site

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