Bioma, Bloom & Catalyst

This month we bring you BIOMA, the newest and long awaited collaboration from spanish ambient masters Bruno Sanfilippo and Max Corbacho and the lastest releases from our partners from Relaxed Machinery, two great masterworks, Bloom and Catalyst, from the top artists Chris Russell and Steve Brand.

Bruno Sanfilippo & Max Corbacho – BIOMA [ad113]

BIOMA is a delicated work full of field recordings and electronics in a real living, mesmerizing and breathing system on a single long form track of nearly 59 minutes.

This album is not currently available

Chris Russell – Bloom [rM_0027]

Warm and peaceful zones inspired by nature. All carefully sculptured using a combination of field recordings and electronic atmospheres.

Available at Chris Russel’s Bandcamp

Steve Brand – Catalyst [rM_0026]

Four cavernous, ethereal, sentimental and lilting inscapes timing in at just over an hour.

Available at Steve Brand’s Bandcamp

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