The Many Futures of Ran Kirlian

IMany Futures 1n September 2018 Ran Kirlian released a new EP with 3 tracks entitled “Many Futures issue nº1”. Beyond the naive title, its cover art and layout looked closer to a vintage sci-fi magazine than to the typical Woomh albums. Also it did not followed the catalog number of the series, however it is an Altera Orbe minialbum release, but belonging to a new conceptual series, parallel to the Woomh series.

Many Futures is a series of mini albums that collects Ran Kirlian musical and sonic impressions around years of science fiction literature reading.

As Ran says: “More than just a soundtrack for those stories, these tracks are my personal vision of the future portrayed by the authors on their stories. That’s where the series title comes, as the music contained in this and further volumes flows around the many alternative futures of the humankind.”

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