3 new releases from Relaxed Machinery

This month we release 3 excellent albums from our fellows Relaxed Machinery in FLAC format:

SUBURBAN CATACOMB - Disturbed Earth & Shane Morris

What goes on under suburbia, the day to day, literally, the pipes, storm water drainage, electric cable, communication, internet.

Shane Morris – Synths, Electronic and Acoustic Percussion, Field Recordings and effects.

Disturbed Earth – Production, Construction, Reel to Reel tape delay, Electric and Nylon String Guitars, Pedal Harmonium, Percussion, Field Recordings.



Synthetic and mechanical notions overlaid on an organic yet detailed landscape.

Synthetic and mechanical notions overlaid on an organic yet detailed landscape. A journey intimately sharing small wondrous details of the natural world and how, when they are observed by a discerning eye, they can lead to inner discoveries and timeless steps forward. The soundscapes shape the atmosphere to convey both the natural imagery and the eternal wonderment of the universe.



SUNPRINTS - Steve Brand (Unpublished)

Five quiet and sometimes intimate atmospheres focused around nature.

Originally released in 2010 and now released here on Bandcamp on my own Pioneer Light Music label, “Sunprints”, is comprised of 5 quiet, and sometimes intimate, atmospheres focused around nature. Sunprints is dedicated to my mentor, Nadja, and accomplished with kora, zither, kalimba, shakers, bells, cymbals, gongs, conch, bone, cane and cedar flutes, didgeridoo, whistles voice, accordion, gutterphone, field recordings and keyboards. The final track, “Sunprints”, was created just for this 2012 re-release.


20% discount on all dowloads!

AlteraOrbe wants to celebrate holidays with a very special offer: a 20% direct discout in all our digital releases* (FLAC & MP3) until January 6 2013.
(* Except for Max Corbacho's The Ocean Inside)

Also, don't forget to download Synergy 1, our exclusive label compilation just for free!!

AlteraOrbe wish you Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Synergy 1 - An AlteraOrbe Compilation

Synergy is an exclusive Altera Orbe compilation including music from Max Corbacho, Landru, Joxan Ruiz, Ran Kirlian, Mindglide, Isidro Castro and Vauxia Errante. Follow our artists and their latest recordings with this great sample.

Synergy track list:

Max Corbacho - Deep Time (except)
Landru - Fimbria
Mindglide - The Edge Of Infinity
Ran Kirlian - Messier 83
Joxan Ruiz - Ocean Vibration
Landru - Binary Rain
Isidro Castro - Arrival
Vauxia Errante - Xandarella Spectaculum
Ran Kirlian & Landru - Alluvium
Joxan Ruiz - Space Between

Download your copy in FLAC or MP3 format now, it's free for a limited time.

Listen to a preview here:


Max Corbacho - The Ocean Inside

The Ocean Inside is the long awaited new album of Max Corbacho presents an immersive flow of emotional soundworlds and harmonic structures that bring us to the depths of the inner ocean.

Max Corbacho returns with a new work, this time as a long awaited double album, which again immerse ourselves into touching atmospheric ambient realms of pure beauty. The Ocean Inside is a paradise of lush, cascading long chords, as oceanic waves, back and forth, in an eternal flow of shifting tones and spiraling harmonies. This is music aimed at energy, emotional and mental levels, for listeners who love deep, meditative ambient music.

With this awesome album Corbacho portrays a very personal and introspective journey divided in two parts: one in his now classical melodic and cosmic style full of beauty and dreams and the other one introducing a deeper and a bit darker scenario surrounded by massive amounts of pads and drones that takes us to the dephts of serenity, like laying in the ground of an infinite ocean. In the end, this album is just an acurated soundtrack of every human soul.

In Max words:

More than two years ago I started this project from a Eastern concept that has always been present in my work: the analogy that exists between the mind as an ocean, with constantly changing waves at the surface, and the inner stillness and silence at the depths. It is from this seed that brings me to the concept of "Oceanic", the word from which I have been developed each of the parts that make up the album. During the creation of these pieces, I tried to go as deep as I could into this bottomless ocean depths. The Ocean Inside is the record of that dive into the depths, the witness that what matters is not how deep you can go, if not the experience of that moment.

The Ocean Inside is a double album, now available in our store in both FLAC and MP3 digital formats. Don't miss it!!


Mindglide advances his upcoming releases

Our space-ambient artist Mindglide just published two medleys in his soundcloud account to adavance his next album releases coming in 2013 for Altera Orbe. They are Radiance (the soundscapes of science) and Tangent, recorded in 2009 and 2010. Enjoy those awesome previews:

Radiance medley

Radiance album_medley by mindglide

Tangent medley

Tangent album_medley by mindglide

You can find much more previews and complete tracks in our Altera Orbe Soundcloud Group.


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