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New releases from Vauxia Errante and Ran Kirlian

We have the great pleasure to present you two new exclusive releases: Primigenia, the newest subterranean-ambient album from spanish composer Vauxia Errante, and Ataraxia, an exclusive Woomh EP by Ran Kirlian.

Vauxia Errante - Primigenia

PRIMIGENIA - Vauxia Errante This new album by Vauxia Errante is a dark and complex sonic journey, far beyond his previous full lenght masterwork Cambrian Spirits. Primigenia explores a much darker and organic side of Vauxia's music with a high pressence of drones, experimental sounds and slow evolutions in search of a deep meditative state on the listener.




Ran Kirlian - Ataraxia

 PrintE-mail TRUST AND REMEMBER - Steve Brand  ATARAXIA - Ran KirlianAtaraxia is a new Woomh EP created by Ran Kirlian hard to be catalogued into any ambient style beyond experimental but consistently fitting the Woomh concept.

It collects music created between 2012 and 2013 using both software and hardware synthesizers, samplers and effect tools and building an alternative sonic palette to the most typical Kirlian textures.




Steve Brand and Chronotope Project new releases

We feel proud of presenting the newest works of two great masterworks from our Relaxed Machinery fellows Steve Brand and Chronotope Project (Jeffrey Ericson Allen):

Steve Brand - Over-Soul

Over-Soul - Steve Brand A 61 minute long form piece, divided into three seamless expanses of driftscape, created entirely with keyboards and medicine drum by ambient master Steve Brand.

The original inspiration for this long form piece was my readings from various esoteric sources, and the idea that although we may see ourselves as separate, isolated and alone, in fact we all are individual expressions of one unifying, all-encompasing source, and therefore linked to that source and ultimately to one another.

Available now in FLAC & MP3


Chronotope Project - Event Horizon

EVENT HORIZON - Chronotope ProjectThe album bears comparison to the cosmic phenomenon of the event horizon: the boundary surrounding a black hole representing its point of “no return.”

An earthy foundation of sustained drones and rich chordal soundbeds, flowing watery melodies, the scintillating sparkle of fiery sequences.

The music of Chronotope Project (Jeffrey Ericson Allen) bridges time and space with immersive soundscapes that invite the listener to discover intimate connections between consciousness and experience.

Available now in FLAC & MP3



Mindglide, Steve Brand & Zero Ohms

we have the great pleasure to introduce some of the new productions that we have prepared for this summer: Space Between, the newest space-ambient album from spanish composer Joxan Ruiz, and Steve Brand latest album: The Great Hoop. Also we present you a very special work by our friend Steve Brand: Trust and Remember, an exclusive Woomh EP.


Mindglide - RADIANCE

Radiance is an awesome and expansive space ambient work recorded in 2009 by Mindglide that has been now remastered, remixed and extended into a mesmerizing masterwork.

Radiance, the second album by spanish ambient artist Mindglide, was recorded back in 2009 and has been now remastered and remixed into a large double album. As on previous works Radiance provides a deep journey thru the cosmos surrounded by complex synthetic sounds and harmonies with several influences from many diferent styles.

Available now in FLAC & MP3


Steve Brand - She Covers the Sky

Re-imagining, re-working, re-mastering of the 2009 release, now with two new tracks.

Originally, SCS was created to honor the divine feminine, which is said by many to be making it's way back to a place of prominence on Earth—balancing the heavily male energy that has been in place for millennia. The dominant notes here are fluidity, fecundity, flow, and flexibility—and a lot of sounds from Mother Earth herself.

Available now in FLAC & MP3



369 - Zero Ohms

A journey of what seems to be an unending ascension of shifting drones and wind-synth chords which take you to the very edge of space and beyond.

A superb follow-up to Worlds, Afterworlds, “369″ by Zero Ohms features flutes, bass flutes and wind-controlled synthesizers over a unique collection of field recordings.

Available now in FLAC & MP3





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